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Fine Jewelry

Semi-Precious Stones

Sterling Silver

Due to our ever changing and growing selection and the diversity between each stone, to purchase from our fine jewelry collection it's best to come into our store and see what's available. But it never hurts to call us for inquiries! Many semi precious stones to choose from and many collectibles.


A beautiful, pale blue stone that is reminescent of the sea. Most referred to as the stone of light and happiness, Larimar is certain to bring a smile to your face.



An iridescent blue stone representing destiny and universal connection. Get lost in labradorites hughes of breath taking blues.


Blue Topaz

With facets that make blue topaz sparkle like a blue diamond, this gem is also know for healing qualities.



Lapis, Citrine, Dentric, Amethyst, Auqua Marine, Rainbow Moonstone, Sodalite, and much much more!


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