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ALL Remote Control brands grouped together by the characteristics, features, styles, and performances that you're looking for in an RC car. 

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Being an RC dealer for multiple manufacturers allow us to offer you all the TOP RC brands available in the industry! Listed below are the most popular and sought after in the RC community. 
Arrma Logo, a brand of rc cars

Horizon Hobby's Arrma cars such as the Outcast, Kraton, Fireteam, Infraction, Mojave, and the Senton to name a few, run on 2s all the way up to 8s for more power and speeds reaching 65 to 100+mph. Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these monsters can do! Click below to see RC details and availability. 

RC Car Kraton from Arrma
RC Car SCX10 from Axial
Axial Logo, a brand of rc cars
Axial Logo, a brand of rc cars

Horizon Hobby's Axial crawlers such as the Ryft, Capra, Bomber, the deadbolt, and of course the SCX Jeeps ranging in size from 1/6, 1/10, and 1/24 scales! Perfect for any terrain, including the top of your desk! Visit our store for a wide selection and demonstrations from our expert staff!  Click below to see Axial RC details and availability.

Traxxas Logo, a brand of rc cars

From the TRX4, the Slash, the X-maxx, the Rustler, the Defender, the Stampede, Ford Raptor, & more to name a few! Precision crawlers to 30mph - 100mph short course speed demons, Traxxas has variety for you!

Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these bad boys can do! Click below to see RC availability. 

RC Car X-Maxx from Traxxas
RC Car Wendigo from RedCat
RedCat Logo, a brand of rc cars

Another top RC brand name, RedCat has precision crawlers to speed demons that rank right up there with Traxxas! The Everest, the Scout, the Axe are top crawlers. The Kaiju, the Volcano, the Dukono, the Blackout are just a few fast electric cars to satisfy your RC need for speed! Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these bad boys can do! Click below for RC availability.

Losi Logo, a brand of rc cars

Every single one of Losi's products focuses on a specific type of racing. To truly replicate the look and feel, we are committed to partnering with the best full-scale companies in the world to bring the elements of racing to your fingertips. From Monster Trucks, Desert and Drag racing, to Mini's. Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these bad boys can do! Click below for RC availability.

RC Car Bog Hog from Losi
RC Car Sand Scotcher from Tamiya
Tamiya Logo, a brand of rc cars

For the ultimate RC building and customization, try a Tamiya kit today! We carry a large selection of RC kits for the enthusiast who wants to build an RC car from the ground up. Tamiya offers a wide selection of styles and skill levels. It's easy to find the right kit for you. Classics like the grasshopper, the sand scorcher, or even the BBX, if you like to build, Tamiya is the brand for you.

These kits are NOT RTR's. Your order will need to include a remote, receiver, a servo, and usually an esc and motor. Talk with one of our expert team members to help you complete your perfect custom build.

Team Associated Logo, a brand of rc cars
Element Logo, a brand of rc cars

Team Associated Electrics has been in the forefront of hobby-car racing since 1965. From its humble beginnings with a few slot-car parts to today, Associated Electrics has grown to designing and shipping thousands of radio-control cars and parts to hobby shops around the world.

Associated Electrics is the industry leader in race-level competition vehicles in a variety of sizes.

Our road continues with the release of an all-new brand, Element RC. With fun, family, community, and global exploration as our core concepts, your journey begins here!

RC Car Enduro from Element
RC Boat Heatwave
Proboat Logo, a brand of rc boats

Large or small, every Pro Boat radio control boat delivers phenomenal performance with head-snapping style. Pro Boat has compact RC boats ideal for fun runs in your backyard pool, as well as bigger, more powerful boats that are burning to go full-throttle across your local lake or pond. Pro Boat has you covered with the right RC boat for wherever the water is waiting!


We also carry Traxxas RC Boats from fast racing boats like the Blast, Spartan, and Wideboy, to military battle ships and small "bathtub" rc boats, Prices starting at $25! We've got your water play RC needs met! 

We carry a large assortment of batteries and chargers, as well as adaptors, for every car we carry as well as universal options too.

LiPo and NiMh batteries from various brands such as Traxxas, Lectron Pro, Spektrum, Gens Ace, Hexfly and more! Powerful basher batteries with more power and duration from 2S to 6S Power and mAh's from 5000 up to 10,000!


Combo packs are a great and efficient option to complete your RC car purchase. They include the correct charger and batteries you'll need all in one package. 

Click below to view our battery and charger's page!

Spektrum batteries and charger
RC Parts Accessories Wall

RC Parts
Accessories & Upgrades

We strive to product support every RC brand we carry, and therefore stock thousands of parts from multiple manufacturers.  As we continue to grow as a business, we increase our inventory and parts department as quickly as possible. Currently, we are heavily stocked on replacement parts for Traxxas, Arrma, RedCat, and Axial. Other brands we may or may not have in stock, but please feel free to ask or search on our parts page.

Accessories are a fun addition to the RC hobby, and you'll be impressed by our selection of options for your RC Cars! Adding a light kit to your RC car is one of the most popular and fun additions you can do. View a variety of light bars, headlights, taillights, rock lights and more on our parts page!


Customize your car with a custom body! We carry a large assortment of brand specific bodies as well as Proline aftermarket bodies of unique cars that you can custom paint yourself! 

Want to make your RC Car faster, tougher, and cooler? Check out our parts page for upgrades that hop-up your car. Everything from metal and color anodized parts, aftermarket motors and esc's, lift kits, tires and so much more. Popular brands for upgrades we carry are Castle, Hot-Racing, RC4WD and more! 

Click below to view our parts page!

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