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Transport your Traxxas boat to the lake in style with this fully detailed scale replica triple-axle trailer. Adjustable bunk brackets accommodate either the Spartan’s deep-V hull or the DCB-M41’s catamaran hull. Elastic tie-downs hold the boat securely to the trailer’s lightweight, full-length aluminum frame. You can even challenge your trailering skills by backing the trailer onto the ramp using your TRX-4 or Traxxas Ford® Raptor R™ with the included variable-height hitches.


The boat trailer is authentic down to the smallest detail with a folding jack stand, variable-height hitch, and lenses for the optional LED light kit. There’s even a mount to use the Traxxas Pro Scale®Winch to haul your boat out of the water.


* Adjustable bunk brackets

*Elastic tie downs hold the boat securely

*Variable height hitch

*Fold-down trailer jack stand

*Lightweight aluminum frame

*LED-Ready light lenses

*Accommodates Pro Scale Winch





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