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Adds even more realistic control to the Volvo Globetrotter 750 8x4 Tow Truck by giving it the ability to tow other tractor trailer cabs

Needed to Complete

  • 7.2V NiMH Battery with Standard Connector

What's in the box?

  • ACU-01 Actuator Control Unit
  • 7.2V Geared Motor (ratio: 64:1)
  • Cables and Battery Connectors


Key Features

  • Provides control of the winch boom/underlift on the Tamiya Volvo Globetrotter 750 8x4 Tow Truck #56362 allowing it to tow other tractor truck cabs without trailers
  • Geared motor moves the spindle shaft and links which raises the boom as well as the attached underlift
  • Toggle switch allows manual operation
  • Clutch system reduces potential damage from overloads



TAM56553 Electric Actuator Set for 1/14 Scale R/C Tow Truck

SKU: 4950344565535
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