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RC Parts & Repair

We are TRAXXAS and RedCat racing RC dealers and carry the largest inventory in the PNW! These are both excellent, high end brands to suit multiple RC needs. As such, we've expanded our store to include a parts department and repair department. We have thousands of parts in stock. Contact us via chat or call for a specific part you are looking for, we provide shipping. We also have the ability to repair remote control cars for you in the shop. Labor cost vary on amount of work needed to be done. Call us or Chat with us about parts or troubleshooting issues you may need, and we'll guide you to the best solutions.


Horizon Hobby's Arrma cars such as the Outcast, Kraton, Fireteam, Infraction, Mojave, and the Senton to name a few, run on 2s all the way up to 8s for more power and speeds reaching 65+mph. Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these monsters can do! Click below to see RC details and availability. 



Horizon Hobby's Axial crawlers such as the Ryft, Capra, Bomber, the Grave Digger, and of course the SCX Jeeps ranging in size from 1/6, 1/10, and 1/24 scales! Perfect for any terrain, including the top of your desk! Visit our store for a wide selection and demonstrations from our expert staff!  Click below to see RC details and availability.


From the TRX4, the Slash, the X-maxx, the Rustler, the Defender, the Stampede, Ford Raptor, & more to name a few! Precision crawlers to 30mph - 100mph short course speed demons, Traxxas has variety for you!

Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these bad boys can do! Click below to see RC availability. 


RedCat Racing

Another top RC brand name, RedCat has precision crawlers to speed demons that rank right up there with Traxxas! The Everest, the Scout, the Axe are top crawlers. The Kaiju, the Volcano, the Dukono, the Blackout are just a few fast electric cars to satisfy your RC need for speed! Visit our store for expert tutorials on what these bad boys can do! Click below for RC availability.


From the nano mini drone that does flips in the air to the brushless moter Bugs 5w with 1080p camera and GPS, we have the selection of drones to satisfy begginers to advanced flyers. 


RC Boats

From fast racing boats like the Blast, Spartan, and Wideboy from Traxxas to military battle ships to small "bathtub" rc boats, Prices starting at $25! We've got your water play RC needs met! Also check out our amphibious vehicles and drones. 

Batteries & Chargers

We carry a large assortment of batteries and chargers, as well as adaptors, for every car we carry. LiPo and NiMh, Traxxas, Lectron Pro, and Hexfly to name a few. Click below to see an assortment of options.  


Toy Grade RC

From Flip cars, The Rock monster truck, Alloy cars, and the Off Road King, we have fun entry level cars for the whole family. Prices starting at $29! 

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